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SEO is a constant race where every business is trying to get past the other. Movesoft’s team SEO experts help you cut through the competition with customized search optimization techniques.Whether you are looking for remedy based optimization techniques, first time search engine rankings or would like to drive an existing website to the top, we will provide you with all the expertise and tools that are required to climb up the ladder of success.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

The rankings and strength of websites are determined by the algorithms used by search engines. The process of working out a website in such a way that it gets an excellent response by one or more search engines is basically known as SEO – search engine optimization. It is difficult to make your page rank, but if you play it well, SEO ranks it for free.

Many in the content marketing have misconceived SEO as just stuffing content with keywords. However, it is an art, which is beyond just that. The search engine evaluates and examines a number of parameters before it selects a business or industry website for top ranking. Therefore, besides keywords, your content needs to be backed by a structured data, fresh content marketing ideas, and useful information.

Our webmasters constantly watch out for the top keywords and keep tab of the latest SEO trends to support your efforts in online marketing. We deliver SEO services for most of the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Our engineers’ knowledge on SEO includes Google Analytics and Google Updates like Panda, Pigeon, Humming Bird, and Penguin. Our assortment of the best SEO tools and a fine balance of off-page and on-page optimization helps us drawing quality traffic to our clients’ web pages with a definite ranking.

Keeping in mind the increasing shift of content to mobile phones, we have also developed SEO services for the mobile platform. Contact us today to know more about what all our SEO services can do for you.

Search Engine Optimization

When people search for information online in the search engines, they go about it by typing in what we’re looking for into the search box. In order for your site to become available when people search for information, the search engines need to determine that the site is valuable so that when people search online they can find your site. Essentially, this is the very reason why the field of SEO exists – to help make sure that websites are appealing to the search engines.

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Content marketing strategy 62%
Digital consultancy 86%
Mobile Marketing 52%
Reputation management 40%


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Mr. Sachin Patil
Mr. Sachin Patil
Owner of Sai Cafe Katta & Misal Darbar
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Mr. Nilesh Pandit
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Mr. Amit Shinde.
Owner of Hotel Sawai Veg.


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