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Furute Website

About “Furute”

Website Link: http://furute.in/

The term Furute is coined by Ashay Shah, a business and life coach based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The term is basically a combination of two Chinese words “Fu”, “Ru” and “Te”, a term from Confucianism, where:

“Fu” stands for good luck, happiness and fortune,

“Ru” stands for a scholar, a learned man or a guide, and

“Te” stands for a virtuous moral strength that a person can rely on in the times of distress.

Furute is a guide that gives you the strength to come out of distress and experience fortune and happiness.

 Furute brings you fortune and happiness when you are gloomy, it becomes a guide and a teacher, when you don’t know what is happening and require learning, and it becomes your moral strength when you are in distress.