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Our outlook as a Radio Advertising Company in Pune

A radio advertising company in Pune like us are very useful in spreading message verbally. In this targeting the local people in mass is possible. A person may listen to it in the car, at home, etc. As visuals are not there in this media of communication an effect making voice is required. This is carried out since a very long period of time. This still has an effect for publicity amongst people. As a radio advertising company in Pune, we see to it that there any time an Ad is made it sounds fresh. We also make an effort to make it more impactful on the audience.

radio advertising company in puneRadio advertising acts as a strong medium wherein the people can only hear the Ad. These things are very favorable to companies whose target the whole city as the audience. As a result, there are many advantages of using this type of publicity. But Ads can be made very much effective when the advertising is made when the listeners are high at that time. So how long an Ad should be really important? If they are made interesting then only people chances of listening to it increase. If not they switch to some other radio station.

This is just the one simple situation. Likewise, there are many other instances wherein the chances of losing listener increase. So one must be careful and plan well before making the Ad. That’s why being the finest radio advertising company in Pune city we are supportive to our clients. Our teamwork itself creates helps to overcome such difficulties. Hence this will help companies to use this medium of advertising in the long run.

Following are the reasons one must keep in mind to work with us:

  • Specialized team to handle every department.
  • Updating our knowledge to give something better.
  • Deep understanding of radio Industry.


Variables Sample Variable Selections
Media Option Prime Time/ Non Prime Time/ Mixed Time
Ad Length 10 sec/ 20 sec/ 30 sec
Number of Ads per day 3/ 4/ 5
Campaign Duration 5 Days/ 10 Days/ 30 Days
Campaign Start Date 1st Jan/ 15th Feb/ 20th Aug


Following are the stations with whom we advertise

  • Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM
  • Red FM 93.5
  • Radio One 94.3
  • Many more
How much will it cost?

This is one of the most common questions which our clients ask for. Well to let you now that the price that we quote is quite competitive. Furthermore, we are very much focused on quality aspects. These rates may change as per the requirements. But it will not hamper the standards that we set for the Ad campaigns.

Finally this we would like to add that after being the best radio advertising company in Pune we are always working harder day by day. Even more, every time will give more creative campaigns from our side. Working on so many characteristics of radio advertising it will definitely make a great experience.


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